5:00 PM Friday, Sept. 22, 2017
at Five Hundred Seneca (21 and over)



Unlimited beer with ticket purchase.


Basket raffle with various selections.

food by lloyd

Each ticket includes a voucher for one entree from the menu. If you’re craving more, lloyd’s entire menu will be available for purchase!


The evening’s entertainment will be provided by 97 Rock’s DJ Jickster!

Order your tickets to Buffalonia now! $25 in advance, $30 at the door. Ticket includes music and unlimited beer.

What is Buffalonia?

A celebration of our great city

Buffalonia is a celebration of our great city, its heritage and the great work that is accomplished when all members of the community come together to fill a need.

As the annual fundraising event for the Matt Urban Human Services Center, Buffalonia helps support the programs and initiatives offered to more than 21,000 residents each year.

This year, the Matt Urban Center celebrates 41 years of service in the community. Join us for an evening of local talent, food and cheer! We rely on the generosity of our corporate partners for a successful event.

What is the Lt. Col. Matt Urban Center?

The center is named after the most-decorated war veteran in American history: a WWII hero born and raised in the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood. The mission of the Matt Urban Center is to provide programs that revitalize neighborhoods, serve families and change lives. The Matt Urban Center serves all members of the community, from infants to seniors, homeowners to the homeless.

  • 146

    Number of homeless individuals housed by Matt Urban street outreach in 2016

  • 2,461

    Number of crime victims (and their families) assisted by Matt Urban in 2016

  • 1,039

    Number of elderly clients who were able to stay in their own residence (rather than being moved to an assisted-living facility) in 2016

  • 866

    Number of individuals served by the emergency shelter in 2016


“Jean” was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia, which led to chronic substance abuse. She spent more than 20 years living on the streets.

When Jean moved in at the end of 2015, she had not lived in one place for as long as she has now been at Hope Gardens. At first, Jean was wary and distrustful of the staff and residents. But thanks to a stable environment, which Jean did not have for the majority of her adult life, she has gradually opened up. Once guarded and paranoid due to decades spent on the street, Jean has improved in her ability to trust staff and residents.


“Joseph” is an elderly veteran whose street homelessness compounded numerous health issues.

Once enrolled in the Rapid ReHousing program, Joseph found a home and now enjoys a good night’s rest on a comfortable bed each night, instead of spending the night on a park bench. This was a drastic change for him. It was not an easy adjustment, but his physical and emotional health have vastly improved. Visiting nurses now stop by Joseph’s home on a weekly basis and he is working with the housing program to find suitable senior housing.


"Sarah" started out living in a shelter and raising her four children.

She required constant and intense case management. Her children did not have a daily routine to follow at the shelter. Sarah became frustrated and depressed by the her circumstances. However, there were areas in her life she wanted to improve, and through it all, she remained willing to learn life skills and parenting techniques; willing to accept constructive criticism.
After two months in the shelter, Sarah moved into a home. She was excited, grateful, and promised to continue the routines and life skills she had learned at the shelter. Sarah continued her case management, obtained a job at a Goodwill store. She is now employed as a Certified Nurse's Assistant and has her own vehicle. She has kept her children on a schedule and a daily routine, including homework, family time, dinner, showers and bedtime. Her children are excelling in school and take part in activities like dance, karate and sports. Sarah has gone from crying tears of sadness to tears of joy!

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Buffalonia benefits the Matt Urban Human Services Center